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Hanging Baskets
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Before you head out make sure you stop by our gift shop to check out some products from local artists and local

At Hilltop, we offer hanging baskets with various combinations of plants both for sun and shade! We also have fern baskets that go fast, so come get yours today! 

Local Products

We sell local products such as homemade jellies, stained glass by a local artist, hand crafted metal work by a local artist, hand crafted kitchen items, and much more! 

Personal Pot Planting 

As a service, we can accommodate your busy schedule. Bring in your planters or containers and we will be happy to plant them with plants of your choice or our choice, the choice is yours! If you have a certain vision or idea for what you want your planters to look like, please mention this to our staff! We value your support of our local business.